When a country has known nothing but pain and suffering, the people ask for hope. Hope for a better future, hope for a new beginning.

Rehna Foundation wishes to take action here, especially for orphans. The children of today are the ones who will make the future. To give these children the opportunity of a bright future they require education. With your help, Rehna Foundation can make basic education possible for these children, so that they can see the light yet again.

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Adopt & Change a Life

Since 2011 Rehna Foundation has launched an adoption program. The idea is to financially support parents that are unable to care for their children. Adopt & Change a Life is part of the strategy of Rehna Foundation: to enable children to get education. Read More..


The free Rehna Foundation film is now also available for all of our donators/sponsors/friends/interested people.
The film can be downloaded by clicking below link.

Enjoy watching it!

Title: Students Build a School
Duration: 11 minutes
Copyright: Rehna Foundation




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