Adopt & Change a Life

Since 2011 Rehna Foundation has launched an adoption program. The idea is to financially support parents that are unable to care for their children. Adopt & Change a Life is part of the strategy of Rehna Foundation: to enable children to get education.

The Adopt & Change a Life program differs from normal financial help because we require the children to go to school. In most instances we open a bank account for the children or for their parents and per month we transfer 50 EUR to them. The children are supported financially until they reach the age of 18, or when they finish secondary school.

Rehna Foundation chose not to submit the pictures of the adopted children on the website. Rehna Foundation wishes to provide the children with the courage and resources to enable a feeling of self-worth and to build their own future. Publishing pictures on the website will always remember them of their vulnerable position, so from an ethical perspective we withhold any publication of pictures. Contact data and pictures of the children are available at Rehna Foundation and may be shown when requested.

Hereunder you will find a list of the children that are supported by the Adopt & Change a Life program:


* Roman 17 years old (Male)
* Mashal 15 years old (Male)

* Muska  9 years old (Female)

The life of Roman, Mashal and Muska was a lot different two years ago. Their father had a store at Pol-e-Charkhi in Kabul. In a suicide attack at Pol-e-Charkhi their father died. Suddenly the family had no income and the children and mother needed to work in order to keep the family alive. All three children had to quit from school because the family had no money to fund education. Rehna Foundation has adopted all three children so that they can attend and finished their school. Roman, Mashal and Muska were adopted since April 2012 by Rehna Foundation.


Aris 8 years old (Male)

The father from Aris was a taxi driver who lost his legs in an accident. Since 4 years he is no longer capable of caring for his child. The mother from Aris has a job but the income is not even enough to cover the medical expenses for the father. Rehna Foundation was impressed by the will and mindset of the father and decided to adopt Aris with Adopt & Change a Life. Aris has been adopted since 2011 by Rehna Foundation.


Arezoo 14 years old (Female)

Arezoo lives with her uncle and aunt. The girls is very talented, but due to her financial circumstances it was impossible for her to go to school. Rehna Foundation adopted Arezoo under the Adopt & Change a Life program since 2011.


Success Story 

Seyar (20) and Anista (18) lost their father 8 years ago. Their mother cared for them both until she suddenly died 4 years ago due to cancer. Both children had to stop school and there was a lot of pressure on Seyar. Rehna Foundation assisted Seyar and Anista financially for two years under the Adopt & Change a Life program. Seyar now works with a foreign organization and Anisa is engaged. Without the help of Rehna Foundation Seyar and Anisa would have never been able to finish their school..

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